Trainer’s Ultimate Toolkit Program

Turn Your Natural Abilities into a 6 or 7-Figure Training Business

Working With Clients as Little as 2 Days Per Week


…You just need a Toolkit to create a thriving business

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Most people are surprised when I tell them this little-known fact:

Corporate Trainers Can Earn Up To $30,000 A Month

And Train Just 2 Days Per Week

Being a corporate trainer is the ultimate FREEDOM business. You choose when you work, where and with which clients. It really is possible to make up to $30,000 a month in just 8 days of training. A good corporate trainer will almost always be in high demand, because…

The Business World Is STARVED Of Competent Trainers!

Here’s a simple truth: Organizations will happily pay large amounts to any trainer who can deliver results.

Fees of $3,500+ a day are commonplace…because the value you deliver makes that a bargain.

And if you’re naturally a “people person” who loves growth, improvement, and education, I know you can deliver massive results for your clients.
The problem is getting started. That’s actually a simpler solution to fix than you might think.


If any (or perhaps ALL) of these questions are a resounding “yes!” then you already have the skills you need!

But the real question is…
…how do you leverage your skills to build a thriving (and growing) corporate training business?

Hello I’m

Judeth Wilson

I’m a recognized and respected international authority in the corporate training industry.

I have over 25 years of experience in creating and designing proven, successful soft-skills training courses using the science of ‘Accelerated Learning’.

I lead and train an international network of specialized industry trainers through my company, WeTrain.

The world’s most highly sought-after business growth mentor for trainers.

I was once where you are. I had the skills. I had the drive. I had a passion.
What I didn’t have was a roadmap. Unfortunately for me, when I started over 25 years ago, there were no resources on how to build a training business. Of course, there were books and courses on training, public speaking, and curriculum, but I really needed to know:

  • How to find corporate clients
  • How to generate referrals
  • What to charge
  • How to position myself as an expert
  • The logistics behind setting up a training business
  • and so much more!
It was truly overwhelming. You’d think that now, 20 years later, these resources would be available, but they’re not.

So I created them.

"If you want to do what you love, then Judeth is the person to help you get there and I will forever be grateful to her for setting me on this path."
Sarah S.


The Trainer’s Ultimate Toolkit

The ONLY Toolkit for creating a profitable training business.

“Judeth taught me exactly how to do really smart marketing."
Troy Q.

I’m going to give YOU the exact same resources and business approach that I have used to create an enviable lifestyle and make a fantastic income as a corporate trainer.

With the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit, you get everything you need to build and grow your lucrative corporate training business…

…and finally enjoy the success and the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

“Judeth showed me everything I needed to know about the business side of things and now I have my own business training people in business writing. It’s growing fast and getting more and more exciting everyday. I just want to say thank you to you Judeth, I wish I’d found you earlier. You and your course are awesome!"
Rie N.

The Platinum Program

The Platinum Program is for trainers who know they have the skills to be in-demand corporate trainers. The students in this program are tired of wondering why they aren’t making the money they deserve. They know their training is valuable, insightful, and well-received. The combination of your skills and the resources you’ll receive in this program is the perfect recipe for lasting success.

The Platinum Program covers 9 modules:

Bonuses Includes

Implementation Guides, Live Monthly Group Calls With Me and The Ultimate Marketing Vault.

PLUS – In addition, when you take the Platinum Program, you will also get EXCLUSIVE access to these amazing bonuses:

The WeTrain Institute: membership for a full 12 Months


Access to an incredible Training Library of hundreds of soft skills courses to choose from and you get a 12-month license to 5 COMPLETE world-class, soft skills courses, ready to run, including delegate workbooks, trainer guides, PowerPoint presentations, ice breakers, and training activities


The Trainers Ultimate Toolkit Certification – once you have completed the program, you can choose to be assessed and have the opportunity to be certified.

Still got questions?

Let’s explore if the Trainer’s Ultimate Toolkit is the right choice for you and your business. 
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You Could figure all this out on your own…

It’s possible, of course, to figure out how to become a highly paid, in-demand trainer all by yourself. It’s the way I built my business.

It took me years of trial and error and two decades of learning invaluable lessons.

Just one month trying to “figure it out” could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to waste a single dollar or a single minute building your business. And more than money, you’d like to create an impactful, meaningful business that allows you to live the lifestyle you choose.
To do that, there’s a sequence of steps and a business protocol that you must understand.
Mastering these steps is actually quite simple…once you are shown the way.
But to outsiders, it’s like a secret, nearly unsolvable puzzle.
That’s where I come in to help you…

Many new independent trainers (trying to succeed on their own) fail miserably, never discovering the secrets of landing high-paying clients.

They can also find themselves under huge stress because they don’t understand how to negotiate a simple contract or judge if their skills are right for a particular project.

Even worse, they can end up being woefully underpaid by the few clients they do end up working for……because they don’t know how to properly position themselves in the market and in the eyes of clients.

"It was an easy decision for me to come on board with Judeth, and now I’ve made a seamless transition into soft skills training. I’ve got the freedom to choose when I work, and how many days I do work. In fact now, I need to train about 2 days a month to earn what I used to be earning. I love what I do, and I love that I can make a great living and still spend the rest of my time doing what’s really important to me. So thank you, Judeth, for making all this possible"
Rachel B.

We are so confident this training will provide you every tool you need to succeed as a top tier trainer that if you follow the training , complete the course and implement this program as directed …and don’t make at least twice the cost of the course in sales , we will gladly refund your money.


If you’re looking to elevate your business, you do have a few options:

You could try and build all this yourself over many years with trial and error.  

You could head to University and get a certification over a couple of years. But I promise you; there is simply no university in the world that will unlock the specific business challenges unique to the corporate training industry.
Lastly, you can pick up the Trainer’s Ultimate Toolkit and earn your money back in just your first two days of training!
"Hi I’m Nathy G. from Sydney. I tell you what, I feel unbelievably tooled up. I have to say almost to the point of being overwhelmed. And I just have to say, when Judeth says to you in her marketing spiel that she will give you her all, it’s not word of a lie. So thank you so much. I feel like I’ve got very very big shoes to fill. Thanks so much."
Nathy G.


Absolutely. Companies continually need to train and upskill their staff to meet the demands of today’s highly competitive marketplace. At the same time, they are under pressure to contain costs and headcount. Outsourcing training services is an ideal solution for most companies. Government organizations are another huge potential market for training services.

To be a trusted and well-paid trainer, you need to have at least the following skills: self-
starter, be a “people-person”, comfortable speaking to a group and prepared to learn new

As a Corporate Trainer, you can operate your business with very low costs. Other than a laptop computer, a telephone, an Internet connection, and basic marketing expenses, there are very few other things required to run a successful business. Regarding marketing expenses, I like to teach trainers how to do very cost-effective, or even free, marketing at first and then, as their business becomes more successful, I recommend spending a percentage of your profit on doing more marketing.

It will depend on your level of experience and confidence and the action that you take. The majority of people will get their first clients quickly; others take a few months to get into the swing of things.

One of the beauties of this opportunity is that you can run your business solo, or if you choose, you may hire a full or part-time assistant to act as a receptionist and/or to do administrative and follow-up work. The choice is completely up to you.

Since most of your business will be conducted at your clients’ locations, there is no need for a formal office. However, if you wish to have your prospects or clients meet in a more formal setting, you may, if you choose, elect to have your own office.

You can operate this business part-time. There is no need for you to quit your regular job to begin this business. If you choose to dive right in and make this your full-time occupation, you may certainly do so.

The “Trainers Ultimate Toolkit” opportunity is NOT a franchise. When you pay a franchise fee, you’re basically buying a job.

Why would you pay $50,000 to $80,000 or more for a franchise when you can get the same exact information for a fraction of the price and use the difference to market yourself and get paying clients for your own business?

The “Trainers Ultimate Toolkit” is a comprehensive training program that gives you everything you need to build a lucrative business as a corporate trainer, with no strings attached.

The “Trainers Ultimate Toolkit” is in NO way a multi-level marketing or network marketing program. There are no tiers, no structure levels, and no overrides to share with others as a result of your efforts.

I don’t believe in binding or long-term contracts that obligate you to restriction of trade or monetary considerations. There are no formal legal obligations. You will have the complete freedom to use all the materials provided in the “Trainers Ultimate Toolkit” in the pursuit of your own business.

This is not the course for people looking to learn beginner presentations or teaching skills. This course teaches the business side of corporate training. While I do include resources that enhance the effectiveness and reception of your training, if you are looking to learn how to present or work in groups, this is not the course for you.

I have been a corporate and business trainer for over 20 years. I have started 4 companies in 3 continents (Africa, Europe and Australia), all of which have been highly successful.
Awarded Reed Training “Trainer of The Year” in London in 2005.
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
Author of the books “The Inside Secrets of Powerful Presenters Revealed”, “How to Become a Millionaire Working Just Two Days a Week and Training Works – Better People, Better Bottom Line.”
Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment (TAA).
The strategies and techniques revealed in the program are NOT THEORY. They are what’s working NOW in the real world of corporate business training. I continue to run my own very successful corporate training business – WeTrain ( The Trainers Ultimate Toolkit is updated regularly based on my front-line international experience.

As far as I am concerned, you can operate anywhere you choose. I place no territorial restrictions on your business activities as long as it is legal within your country. Please find out about the various restrictions on business registrations and tax implications in your own country.

To be successful as a Corporate Trainer, you only need a handful of clients at a time. Depending on the size of the client, the amount of work required with each client and the increased value you can bring to them, incomes in the six figures can be earned with as few as four clients. Most Corporate Trainers will do well with 6 to 8 long-term clients at any one time.

Definitely, here’s how it works. When you complete The Trainers Ultimate Toolkit online program, if you aren’t able to make at least double your money back delivering training, we will give you your money back. You must have completed the whole course and implemented the actions I teach in order to qualify for a refund.

Still got questions?

Let’s explore if the Trainer’s Ultimate Toolkit is the right choice for you and your business. 
Simply tap the button below to chat with us in Facebook Messenger.  We can even arrange a suitable time for a zoom call if you prefer 👇
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